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CYB_meet the teamWLAA W.

As a certified personal trainer in Atlanta, Wlaa Weeks graduated from Florida State University in 2008. While at FSU he was a Florida State football player where he had access to great fitness knowledge and accessibility. While on the football team, the years of intense workouts and training by experts increased and strengthened Wlaa’s knowledge and passion for fitness. Over time, he expanded his expertise and utilized his knowledge by privately training clients in his free time. Upon graduation, Wlaa relocated to Atlanta where he has established a strong client base from training at some of the premier gyms in Atlanta, and is considered to be a highly respected and sought after personal trainer.

In addition to the eight years of athletic and fitness experience, Wlaa has received nationally recognized Fitness Certifications from The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), The International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) and is also CPR/First Aid Certified. He is regularly expanding his knowledge in the fitness industry through continuing education which include Weight Loss Management, Nutrition, Special Population, Balance & Core, Flexibility and Sport specific training. His expertise in personal health and wellness, coupled with his extensive certifications now make him highly sought after when searching for a personal trainer in Atlanta.

CYB_meet the team3CANDICE C.

Helping people achieve their goals is her passion! Candice grew up in Powder Springs, Georgia where she was a cheerleader and dancer. She went to college at the University of Alabama in 2005. In 2007, while in college, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and became more involved in fitness, health and wellness. Her involvement in fitness led her to find her passion in helping others get involved in fitness and wellness. She now refers to her RA diagnosis as a “blessing in disguise”. The diagnosis with the disease did not only lead her to change her own lifestyle, but compelled her to help others do the same based on their health and physical goals.

After four years of training in the Atlanta area, she has built a great client base. She trains with corporate companies like the W Hotel Buckhead and Athleta. She believes in challenging her clients both mentally and physically. She is a big advocate for finding balance to ensure a real lifestyle change over a quick fix.

CYB_meet the team 4MOLLY C.

Molly Cranford is an Atlanta native who grew up playing a variety of sports as well as cheerleading. After graduating from Appalachian State University she returned to Atlanta where she then completed her Masters Degree in education at Georgia State University. While spending the first part of her career as an educator and cheerleading coach, Molly remained a constant participant in various forms of exercise and fitness. As she built on her passion of exercise training and nutrition she decided to transform her career, making this lifestyle her main focus. Since then she has become a National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer which has fueled her enthusiasm for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She is quickly becoming a recognizable name in the Atlanta fitness industry and has since built a strong client base. Molly brings a unique blend of fun, enthusiasm, and knowledge to her clients. She is experienced in a wide variety of fitness platforms and nutritional science. As an active vegan, she is really into nutrition as a whole. Her mindset is to train her clients and group participants in a way that builds an outlook that leads to challenging and accomplishing their specific fitness goals. Her engaging personality ensures a fun and challenging environment at the same time