Class Description

At CYB, we focus on incorporating personal training into our “group training” classes – a new philosophy in group fitness classes. We have full-time certified Body Architects teaching group classes to ensure the same level of consistency as our personal training services. Smaller group classes allow our coaches to focus on each client’s form and technique, and help provide the extra guidance to minimize the chance of injury, and increase the effectiveness and emphasis of each exercise we put you through. Every group class membership comes with a complimentary check in [goal setting, measurements, body fat analysis, programming, etc ] at no additional cost prior to starting your plan. This service is not mandatory but available to interested clients. Register online and schedule your first group workout today!

 T O N E  |  W E R K 

This 50-minute training session introduces you to proper iso and bi-lateral UPPER BODY movements of training using calisthenics and external resistance (i.e. TRX, dumbbells, cables, bars,etc) while incorporating the perfect balance of muscular endurance, cardio and core movements to help condition the upper body’s overall endurance and enhance your overall physique and tone, in an efficient and effective workout.
– to receive proper coaching on the actual movement of each workout
– to improve overall mental ability to work through the burn
and fatigue (i.e. aerobic and anaerobic threshold)

 G L U T E  |  W E R K 

WHO’S READY TO WERK THEIR GLUTES…THE RIGHT WAY OF COURSE? This training session is focused on glutes, cardio and core emphasis which incorporates isolation, plyometric movements, and continuous lower body exercises and is focused on a controlled, tempo based HIIT setup.
Your coach will help teach you how to activate parts of your posterior chain including your hamstrings gluteus maximus and minimus, as well as your hip flexors and core, using proper technique and emphasis. With combinations of bodyweight, resistance, and cardio. The variations in this 50-minute sweat session will always have you wanting more.

 W E R K  |  S W E A T 

This is a 50-minute high intensity combination of our most common two classes [ W E R K ] and [ S W E A T ], and challenges your muscular, cardiovascular and core endurance through repetitions and continuous body movement using external resistance together with calisthenic, functional movement drills and core challenges. The switch up and creativity are something to experience for yourself so come get CHALLENGED!

– to improve overall stamina and endurance
– to receive proper coaching on the actual movement of each workout
– to improve overall body physique
– to improve overall mental ability to work through the burn
and fatigue (i.e. aerobic and anaerobic threshold)

 C A R D I O | C O R E | C O N D I T I O N I N G

This 50-minute training session introduces you to a MORE INTENSE cardio and core conditioning method which incorporates the perfect balance of repetition and movement for your cardio and core. It teaches you how to build cardiovascular endurance through high intensity cardio endurance workouts by training your ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD, which is the level of exercise intensity at which lactic acid builds up in the body faster than it can be cleared away. Most athletes want to improve their anaerobic threshold because this will enable you to maintain high levels of intensity without being exhausted or depleted during training. We like to think of this workout as doing the things you wouldn’t do on your own! Therefore, come challenge your body with us!


t h e  C Y B  M E T H O D 

This group training session introduces the CYB method of personal training to group fitness by combining each of our five phases from the previous week into a 50-minute training session coached by an ENERGETIC CYB Fitness Coach who is right there to make sure you’re performing the movements correctly. Cardio conditioning, muscular endurance, strength and stabilization challenges throughout the training session while incorporating proper training technique. This training session challenges you to workout at your own pace doing movements and workout challenges you will not perform on your own. Come get coached by a Body Architect with a list of challenging movements.